Do you ever feel like time is against you, almost like it is the enemy?

This is something every single person has to deal with at some point in life or business: we are constantly battling time as we go through our busy daily schedules and we think to ourselves, when will it stop?

The sad part is that it will never stop. We will always be busy in life and the moment you realise that life is what it is and that we all get 24 hours in a day, 365 days a year regardless of who we are or what we do, you then start to realise that time is something we will never get back in life.It is truly up to you to make the changes in your life to utilize your time more wisely and create the freedom you desire in life.

One might ask what time really is. The Dictionary defines time as “the point or period at which things occur.” We all want more time in our day to be free, but it comes down to how you make time work for you to help you create more freedom in life. Procrastination is one of the major time killers in our daily lives today, dragging us down as we attempt to get our daily tasks done; this can be due to the amount of technology and information passing around us every day. One minute we are all excited and ready to get something done, the next we are aimlessly going in circles. Procrastination is not to be eliminated, it is simply to be controlled and mastered to make it work for you.


Our 5 step system to help you regain focus and nail down those daily tasks that are getting bigger every day.


Step 1:  Create a weekly planner – Creating a weekly planner every Sunday night of the big tasks ahead for the week helps you programme the subconscious mind to the tasks that need doing and helps you get your week into shape. When you find yourself lost or procrastinating you can simply look back at your weekly planner and look at the task you are to be working on. You can easily create a weekly planner in Microsoft excel to help you fire through your tasks.

Step 2: Revise your daily plan each day and organise your tasks – Organise your daily tasks from top priority to not so important tasks. In your daily list organise the tasks that need urgent attention or are going to have the biggest beneficial impact in your life or business and remove any unnecessary tasks, or if there is a task that does not require attention right now, you can simply move it to another day. Focus on your 3 biggest tasks at the start of each day and build momentum of them; don’t check your emails or Facebook until you have completed these tasks.

Step 3: Limit the use of social media – We all go to have a quick 5 minute check on Facebook and find ourselves 30 minutes later still having a 5 minute look; it is now a habit that we have all adopted that is using far too much time in our lives every day. When you limit the use of time on social media you can then start to build and create relationships around you, adding immense value to life, and this is something that is often overlooked in society today. If you spend an average of 2 hours per day on Facebook due to procrastination, which can easily add up to 14 hours per week. This can then lead to 56 hours per month or an average of 2 days on Facebook. If we take this further, 14 hours per week over the period of 1 year is 728 hours or 30 days/ 1 month on Facebook. You simply need to ask yourself if that much time spent on Facebook is giving you the results you are after in your life or business, and begin to think about what you could do if you used that time more wisely.

Step 4: Make technology work for you – For every problem we face in life, people are continuously creating a solution in this fast evolving world of ours. If you find procrastination is a problem for you and you are spending too much time on certain websites, you can now use certain apps to help you stick to what is important in your day. Some great examples of apps you can adopt are:

StayFocusd :This App allows you to restrict your usage on websites you feel you spend too much time on; you can, for example, set a 20 minute timer for Facebook and it will block you from accessing Facebook each day after 20 minutes of use, making you use your time more wisely for tasks that need doing.


Time Tracker: If you want to track how much time you are using on your computer, you can now install time tracker to see how much time you are spending on certain websites and then track the amount of time spent on particular sites to see if your time meets your results.


Pocket: The amount of good information and articles we stumble across browsing the web is endless, but it can hinder our momentum if we decide to read these articles as they occur. You can now use Pocket to save that particular article or website and schedule a time in your weekly planner to view anything that caught your interest throughout the week.


STEP 5: Just Do It – The old Nike slogan will be around forever because the only person that can create the change you want in life is you. If you can dream it, you can achieve it; don’t let anything stop you.


Using these strategies and apps have helped me utilise my time more wisely and get more done every day. If you can do exactly that, you will have more time and freedom to do as you wish in life.

I hope this article was of use to you, and you can implement anything you found useful into your life and make a change for the life and results you deserve.

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I appreciate you reading this,
Zane Tully

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